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We all know that Heart is one of the most important organs in our body

When it comes to bodybuilding we take care of our organs like liver,kidney,skin by using different supplements .
But when it comes to heart instead of fish oil we don't think about extra precautions

And as we all know bodybuilding is no more natural sport .Use of anabolic steroids, diuretics, insulin and different peptides like growth hormones and IGF have shown many adverse effects on our body . Specially on heart .

Data shows that the most common reason behind early death of the bodybuilders was heart issues.

When bodybuilders start taking anabolic androgenic steroids their haemoglobin and R.B.C count increases .Infact this is required for extra protein synthesis and fast muscle recovery.

*But unfortunately this thick blood puts extra stress on heart which results in heart hypertrophy mostly left ventricle hypertrophy.It may trigger other heart issues like low ejection fraction,cardiac ischemia that is reduced blood supply to the heart.

*When above mentioned heart problems get combined with lipid imbalance or blockage it results in myocardial infarction and sudden death

Here Cardiholic plays important role .
CARDIHOLIC is a unique formula made of all natural potent cardio protective supplements which help heart to maintain it's normal function

It contains:-

*Highly bioactive form of CoQ10 that is Ubiquinol which helps if maintaining good healthy ejection fraction of heart.

*Strong natural antioxidants which help heart to recover from stress

*Strong natural anti inflammatory agents like Curcumin which prevent heart from the oxidative stress.

*Natural supplements which help in normalising blood lipid profile.

*Mineral like magnesium which is important for steady heart beats and normal blood pressure.

*Natural cardiotonic like Arjun chaal that can boost heart function and heal cardiac injury or trauma

*Natural herb which enhances your endurance when you exercise

***Note: All the ingredients of Cardiholic are natural and have no side effects